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Go Daddy O!!!

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9th March 2007

matteom6:52pm: Hello everyone.  Just wanted to introduce myself - I'm Matt, and I started swing dancing pretty recently but I'm already hooked!  I wasn't sure when a friend asked if I wanted to go a couple weeks ago, but I really liked it when I went.  Looking into starting lindy lessons soon

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11th January 2007

madame_mundane11:46am: I'm new
Hello everyone, I just joined here and I wanted to say hi to all. I love swing dancing though I am still learning. I got quite busy and didn't make it to any of the local dances for almost a year but I ma getting back into the "swing" of things and enjoying it even more now! I would love to get to know everyone, so please drop me a line!
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26th September 2006

islemay10:45pm: Dancing in the cornfields
Grinnell College Swing Exchange
November 10-12, 2006, in Grinnell, Iowa

One of the most exciting places to dance in the Midwest:).

If your interested, checkout the site. All I know is that it is shaping up to be absolutely fantastic weekend.

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5th February 2006

lrswimrocket306:15pm: My best friends sweet 16th birthday is coming up and we are celebrating it on our "swing night" so i want to get a cake made that has a swing dancing theme. The only problem is, I can't seem to think up any good ideas for the designe on the cake, or any sweet sayings. If anybody could help me out with this that would be great. Thanks!

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17th December 2005

sweetpurple10:16am: Hello all,
I just had my frist swing dancing experience last nite and loved it!! I have always loved the sound of big band but had never really did swing dancing. My friend told me about this place in Boston and we went and had a blast. I danced with alot of nice people and cannot wait to go again.

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22nd October 2005

islemay2:47am: Hi all
How on earth are there not more people in this community? Guessing from the other swing communitys on LJ they seem to be mostly regenal. Does anyone know where I could rent more movies feturing swing? I looked on Netflix, but besides Swing Kids, they just had instruction vidios, and vidios of the old masters (while that is cool to, sometimes just a normal vidio is nice).

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31st August 2005

solidfoamsoul1:09pm: Put on your glasses...
I got into swing music back in the late 90s, just starting high school. You know, when it was suddenly popular again? My brother's prom even had a swing theme. He took lessons and rented a zoot suit. (Black with red pinstripes, if you're wondering.)

Just last night I watched "Swing Kids" with him and it completely dristracted him from the computer game he was playing. Robert Sean Leonard now owns me, but that's beside the point.

I recently fell back in love with the music again some time ago after seeing "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" and getting all fan girly about Lupin's choice of music for his lessons. And then being quite disappointed when it wasn't included in the sound track. My friend who had gone to the movie with me tag along to a thrift shop, where I procured a Benny Goodman and a Duke Ellington LP. Both in decent condition and only a buck each! I love thrift shops!

She also lifted a 24 dollar antique hat (40s style, maybe a bit later) there as a gift for me. Early Christmas, says she. And no tomatos were harmed during the making of that robbery.

You'll get that joke if you've seen "Swing Kids." And if you haven't, you should. Soundtrack ain't too bad, either.

Well, that's my intro. Thanks for listening. I hope I haven't wasted too much of your time.

Swing heil, and all that jazz. =P
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20th April 2005

2ndstar2therght12:26am: Ok so no one has posted in awhile just wanted to say whats up to all four of us who are in this community...heheh anyway...SWING HEIL!!!

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4th April 2005

swim4christ891:33am: hello all. nice to meet you. i have been swing dancing for about a year. i love it so much. i mostly love the music the dancing jus come along w/ it. but by golly george it is fun! lol. looking forward to go reply's and future entry's. ~deona~

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9th March 2005

nebanebet3:30pm: Hey everybody!

This community seemed kind of quiet at first glance, but I figured I'd give it a try.

How did you guys get involved in swing dancing?

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21st February 2005

2ndstar2therght2:29am: First Entry
Ok, so welcome all swing fans of all types!!!

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